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Benitses is an old fishing village lies about 12 km south of Corfu Town and its population reaches 800 inhabitants. In this busy tourist destination is a nice colourful harbour and it can still maintain its traditional identity. A stroll through the cobbled alleys of the old village and a visit to the Roman Baths is more than worth it. Today, Benitses, this lovely tourist resort offers various accommodation for all tastes and budgets as well as taverns, cafes and bars. Tourists arrive with their yachts at the picturesque port of Benitses for a refreshing swim at the crystalline waters of the Ionian sea. 

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And there are excellent opportunities for water sports. The pebbly Benitses beach was one of the popular beaches of the German Emperor William 2nd. He had even built a bridge to walk closer to the water, part of the bridge can still be seen here. Just outside Benitses is a go-kart track. North of the village is the Shell Museum. The collection includes thousands of shells, it is the owner's private collection from the past 20 years.

You can also see shark teeth, whale bones, snakes, scorpions and coral. Benitses is a nice place to stay, there are many hotels and apartments in all price ranges, from luxury to basic.  Benitses Cultural Association